Brandon Walker

Current Rank: Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt

Initially self taught, Brandon began his Jiu Jitsu career in 2012 making the immediate bump to the advanced levels in Nogi (competing among blue and purple belts as a white belt) winning multiple local tournaments in Texas. In order to improve his Jiu Jitsu, he moved from West to East Texas and began training under Jeff Hammond at the Relson Gracie Academy in Tyler; where he also began training in the Gi. Since his move he has transitioned from white, blue, and now to purple belt within the Relson Gracie Association and has continued to compete and win multiple tournaments.

Brandon now plans to continue climbing the ranks and competing in the years to come, and hopes to increase his participation in tournaments, while promoting Relson Gracie Self Defense within his community.


White Belt

• 1st place at 2012 Best in the West Series
• 1st place at 2012 Best in the West Series II
• 1st Place at 2012 NAGA Houston Championship
• 1st place at 2012 Gracie Grappling Cup Waco.

Blue Belt

• 1st Place at 2012 Gracie Grappling Cup San Antonio
• 1st Place at 2012 NABJJF Nationals
• 1st Place at 2013 NAGA Dallas Championship
• 1st Place at 2013 AGF Austin Classic
• 1st Place at 2013 IBJJF Dallas Open
• 1st Place at 2013 NABJJF Lone Star State Championship